Is ladies finger a herb

Updated: 8/29/2023
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Ladies fingers or Okra is a member of the Hibiscus family H.esculentus it is an annual grown for the fruit used in cookery. The flowers are fairly inconspicuous.

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No, Ladies Finger (Okra) is a vegetable.

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Q: Is ladies finger a herb
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Can you write the spelling of lady finger as ladies finger?

Lady's finger - yes. Ladies finger - no. "Ladies" is plural..... wouldn't make sense.

Is lady finger an herb?

yes it is a herb, as it has a soft stem.

When is ladies finger is planted?

summer month

Is ladies finger is monocot or dicot?


Which finger do ladies United Kingdom put wedding ring on?

ring finger left hand

How do you spell ladies finger?

The spongy dessert cakes are spelled "ladyfingers."

In which climate does ladies finger grows?

There are different types of climate that ladies finger grows on. The climate mainly needs to be hot and humid. It is also important to ensure that the soil is well drained.

What is the name of vegetable first both word lose lady name?

ladies finger

Can a pregnant woman eat a lady finger?

canregnant ladies eat lady fingers

What nutrients are present in ladies finger?

vitamin a vitamin c folic acid calcium potassium magnesium

Is five finger plant is a herbal plant?

Five finger plant, Potentilla canadensis, also known as five finger grass or cinquefoil is a well known herb used for centuries in the treatmnet of diarreha, nose-bleeds and internal bleeding.

What does the name Brenda Kay mean?

In telugu, ladies finger is called bendakaya.