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Q: Is kusal perera and thisara perera brothers?
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What is Thisara Perera's birthday?

Thisara Perera was born on April 3, 1989.

When was Thisara Perera born?

Athula Samarasekera is 56 years old (birthdate: August 5, 1961).

Who hit biggest six in t20 world cup 2007?

Thisara Perera 123 M

When was Thisara Samarasinghe born?

Thisara Samarasinghe was born on 1954-07-16.

Who won the forth ODI of Sri Lanka vs South Africa?

Sri lanka won it by 5 wickets. THISARA PERERA was the premium batsman at the success of SL. South Africa 299/7 (50.0) Sri lanka 304/5 (48.4)

When was Dilani Perera born?

Dilani Perera's birth name is Charlotte Dilani Perera.

What is the birth name of Sheehan Perera?

Sheehan Perera's birth name is Sheehan Haq Perera.

What are dasa kusal?

The Dasa Kusal was a set of ten wholesome deeds given by Buddha to encourage people to do good things on a regular basis. Buddha also spoke of the Sublime States, which are loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity.

When was Bathiya Perera born?

Bathiya Perera was born in 1977.

When did Wilmot A. Perera die?

Wilmot A. Perera died in 1973.

When was Wilmot A. Perera born?

Wilmot A. Perera was born in 1905.

When was Gamini Perera born?

Gamini Perera was born in 1964.