Is kiss satanic

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, they're not.

It is the intention which decides an act, whether it is satanic or divine

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far from

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Q: Is kiss satanic
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Is kiss a satanic band?

yes it actually is lot of the lyrics is actually satanic believe it or not!!

Is Mastodon satanic?

No no no people who say Mastodon are satanic are the children of the people who said KISS was satanic and there not,so don't listen to those people there just idiots

Is in flames satanic?

No they not Satanic

Is the Death Bat satanic?

No, the Death Bat is not satanic. It is often mistaken as satanic by people, mostly Christians, but it is not.

Are arch enemy satanic?

No. not satanic!

Are the apparitions of Mary Satanic?

No, they are not Satanic.

Is deathklok satanic?

No Dethklok is not Satanic.

Is shinedown satanic?

Nope, they aren't satanic.

Where did Kiss get their name?

AnswerFirst off, KISS does not stand for anything. Secondly, Peter, Gene, and Paul were thinking of names. They were suggesting things and cracking jokes about it. Then Paul was like, "What about KISS?" No one said anything, and the name stuck. KISS is not associated with Satan or anything Satanic, for those who think they are.I heard that Kiss rehearsed of Kissena Blvd in Queens NY and that's were they got there name.I know they wanted to call it F***, but how they got from that to KISS is a mystery.

Is Sean Kngston satanic?

sean kingstone is not satanic

Are birthdays satanic?

The highest satanic holiday actually.

Is the Maltese cross satanic?

The Maltese cross is not satanic.