Is kerli a pagan witch

Updated: 8/29/2023
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It seems that she or her promoters are expressing some level of paganism or wiccan ideas.

On the wiccanspace website they have this endorsement of her

"walking on air" music video:

"Check out this vid!!! the woman who sings and preforms in it is the best artist in the music world, ever!!!"

In the video the themes of black and white, interchanging, she receives a doll "gift" and becomes the puppet. The white lady carrying her? I dunno, but it looks like a statue of "Diana" in the hallway. Oh and the stag. Black and white dress, black and white tiles, black and white birch trees... lots of symbolism there... just look it up.


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If you mean Kerli Koiv, then no. There is no evidence that she is.

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In a way, yes, she believes in God and angels. But she also believes in spirits, energies, and other hippie crap. :)

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Q: Is kerli a pagan witch
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What is the birth name of Kerli?

Kerli's birth name is Kerli Kiv.

Who is better Kerli or Lykke Li?

Kerli ---- Kerli! But I love Lykke Li as well.

Do you have to be wiccan or pagan to be a witch doctor?

Not necessarily.

Does having a witch's peak make you a witch?

No, a witch's peak, sometimes known as a widow's peak has nothing what so ever to do with your spiritual path. Even attending a pagan gathering doesn't make you a witch. One has to choose to become a pagan or witch.

Is Kerli Spanish?

No. Kerli is from the country of Estonia.

Is kerli bi?

Kerli Koiv? Yes.

Is kerli married?

Kerli? Do you mean Kerli Koiv? And if you do the answer is no. She's not married.

Is Kerli Koiv a satanist?

No, Kerli Koiv is not a Satanist.

Do you have to be born into a pagan family to be a witch?

no, just be a witch become one no one can stop u!

On kerli's website is it really kerli who you message?

No, it is a worker on a computer.

When was Kerli born?

Kerli was born on February 7, 1987.

What is kerli's last name?

Kerli's last name is Koiv.