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Q: Is kelsey chow dating Justin Bieber?
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Is Kelsey Chow in Justin Bieber's music video?

Yes, that Kelsey Chow until the end of the video..

Who is dating Kelsey chow 2012?

Kelsey Chow is currrently dating roshon fagon

Who is Kelsey Chow dating?

Roshon Fegan

Who is Kelsey Chow currently dating in May 2011?

she dating hutch dano

Who is kelsey chow is dating right now?

Mitchell musso

Who was the girls name in the music video boyfriend?

The girl with Justin Bieber the whole time until the end is Kelsey Chow. She is from Pair Of Kings on Disney Channel.

Is Mitchel Musso dating august 2012?

I think Kelsey Chow?

What is Kelsey Chow's occupation?

Kelsey Chow is a/an Actress

Who is prettier demi lovato or kelsey chow?

It' obviously Kelsey Chow.

When was Kelsey Chow born?

Kelsey Chow was born on September 9, 1991

Who is Kelsey Chow dating September 2012?

Why do you need to know?Not like she is going to date you is it so you dont need to know who she is dating

What is Kelsey Chow's birthday?

Kelsey Chow was born on September 9, 1991.