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hell no he is not going out with her demi lovato is just trash to me so i dont think joey will ever date her..

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Q: Is joey diamond girlfriend really Demi Lovato?
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Who is the girlfriend of Demi Lovato?

Demi lovato isn't gay.

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Demi lovato girlfriend. who you think did?

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You said does Joe Jonas have a girlfriend?

He does. Demi Lovato.

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Who is joe jonas's present girlfriend?

joe's current girlfriend is demi lovato

Is dallas lovato really Demi Lovato's sister?

Yes they are.

Who was joe jonas's best girlfriend?

I think Demi Lovato.

Who is joey diamonds girlfriend?

demi lovato is his girlfriend hard to believe but true :D]

Does Demi Lovato loves her fans or not?

demi lovato is really sure that she loves her fans also I am her big fan

What are Demi Lovato's likes?

well Demi lovato likes to sing dance she is and amazing singer and she is really sweet!

Who is demi lovato for you?

For me Demi Lovato is a Warrior. She saved me when i was in the dark so she means so much to Me. I really love her.