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Q: Is joe Jonas the middle child or the oldest?
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Who is the middle oldest Jonas bother?

Joe Jonas is the middle child. Kevin is 22. Joe is 20. Nick is 17. And Frankie, their little brother, is 9.

Is Joe Jonas Bigger then Nick Jonas?

Yes. Kevin Jonas is the oldest, then Joe Jonas is the middle, and then Nick is the youngest.

Are the Jonas brothers tripelets?

No. Kevin Jonas is the oldest, Joe is in the middle, and Nick is the youngest.

What Jonas brother is in the middle?

Joe Jonas,Kevin Jonas,and Nick Jonas. Backup:John Taylor,Greg Garbowski,and Jack Lawless

2nd oldest Jonas brother?

Kevin is the 1st Child (Oldest)Joe is the 2nd ChildNick is the 3rd ChildFrankie is the 4th Child (Youngest)Joe is the 2nd Child ..... x

Is Kevin Jonas the oldest?

no kelvin Jonas is the eldest of all three brothers joe Jonas=19 and kelvin Jonas= 21

Which one is joe from the Jonas Brothers?

the middle child that everyone loves

Does Joe Jonas have siblings?

yea he does! Paul Kevin Jonas the 3rd or Kevin (21) oldest Joseph Adam Jonas or joe in the middle (19) Nicholas jerry Jonas or Nick Jonas middle (16) And Franklin Jonas or Frankie or aka (bonus Jonas) idk i think 9.

Oldest to youngest of the Jonas brothers?

Kevin Jonas Joe Jonas Nick Jonas Frankie Jonas

Which is the oldest brother in the Jonas brothers band?

Joe Jonas is the oldest of the four brothers

Who is the oldest joe bother?

Kevin Jonas

Which Joe bother is older?

Kevin is the oldest, Joe is the middle child, & Nick is the youngest of the three but older than Frankie.