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Many people have said yes but many have said no. I have never seen a picture of this so I would say no

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Q: Is james phelps smoke where and when?
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Does James and oliver phelps smoke?


Who played the Weasley twins?

James Phelps plays Fred Weasley.Oliver Phelps plays George Weasley.

When did James Phelps - musician - die?

James Phelps - musician - died in 2010.

When did James Phelps - congressman - die?

James Phelps - congressman - died in 1900.

When was James Phelps - congressman - born?

James Phelps - congressman - was born in 1822.

When was James Phelps - musician - born?

James Phelps - musician - was born in 1932.

Does James phelps from Harry Potter smoke please tell me. Iwant 2 no.?

Yes, James Phelps is a smoker. It's a personal choice, and it shouldn't influence your opinion of him. He's still an amazing actor, and he's still incredibly sexy. Many people (including myself) smoke, and most of us are still good people.

What has the author James Andrew Phelps written?

James Andrew Phelps has written: 'Our ancestors ..'

Does James Phelps drink?

James phelps is a party animal but he still is hot and he drinks a little

What is James and Oliver Phelps's birthday?

James and Oliver Phelps was born on February 25, 1986.

What color are James Phelps's eyes?

James Phelps (and his twin brother Oliver) has browncoloured eyes.

When did James Graham Phelps Stokes die?

James Graham Phelps Stokes died in 1960.