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Q: Is it true Declan's younger sister name Bernadette Galbraith is marry and have one child?
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How many brothers does declan galbraith?

He doesn't have brothers. But he has a younger sister. Called Bernadette Galbraith.

How old is declan galbraith's sister?

Yes, he has a little sister, Bernadette Galbraith.

Does declan galbraith have a sister?

Yup, he has a sister,her name is Bernadette ,she's younger than him for 4 years :)

Does declan galbraith have any brothers or sisters?

Yes one sister her name is Bernadette

What is the name of Declan galbriath's ittle sister?

Declan's sister is Bernadette Galbraith, she's 13 years old.

Is it true Declan Galbraith change his middle name and her sister change her first name?

Yes, Declan stated on his blog that he had already change is middle name to "Jarek" and so does his sister change her first name to Amelia. Declan John Galbraith's full name is now Declan Jarek Galbraith not John anymore. Bernadette Cheyenne Galbraith full name is now Amelia Cheyenne Bernie Galbraith.

What are the names of declan galbraith's familt members?

His mum's name is Siobhan. His dad's name is Alec. His sister's name is Bernadette and his dog's name is Chrissy.

Who is Declan Galbraith adopted sister?

Declan mention in his TV interview that his a adopted sister named is Audrey SophieKamau and she is currently 20 years old. Declan only has one biological sister named Bernadette RaeLynn Galbraith and Bernie is currently is 19 years old. All this is on the NEWS and on FOD!

Dose declan galraith have any siblings?

Yes, Declan has a younger sister called Bernadette.

How old is declan galbraith's little sister?

She's four years younger than Declan. No point in stating a specific age as it increases every year.

What Religen is Declan Galbraith?

He hasn't specifically talked about it but judging by that he celebrates Christmas and sings songs like Amazing Grace, it's safe to say he's a Christian, but hard if not impossible to define it any more specifically.

What type of cell phone does Declan Galbraith's sister Bernadette RaeLynn Galbraith currently using?

I have talked to Bernie on video chat on Instagram and she told me before she is currently using Q-Pot Melting Chocolate Cell Phone. She also told me they all have CNET UK family cell plans and Declan is currently using Cat B15 Android phone.