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it depends on your stress level your diet and how often you exersise. you can not be 100% healthy no but you can come close by sleeping for 10 hours in 24 hours eating well and exersising often


I completely disagree with that answer. Of course you can be 100% healthy! But you have to accept that in life comes situations out of your control such as Diabetes, death in the family, hair loss, stretch marks.

The ultimate reward will come when having a sound mind. I believe this is the beginning of reaching the goal to become "100% healthy." To me that means physically, emotionally and even spiritually healthy. Not just the way we look.

You can't make goals to be taller when your 5 foot 5. We all have been given bodies different then the other and it only seems that we've been given the shorter end of the stick if and when you compare you're body/life with someone else.

We are all on different plains and have different plans made out for us. But if we build on reality, and make wise choices and are ready to change the way we think, feel, look and act then no doubt can you become 100% healthy! You have to be realistic and accept the things that cannot be changed and know that is what makes you-you. But sometimes we can make those "imperfections" a part of our unique pattern.

And when something like diabetes happens to you, then you have to modify your eating habits to ensure a good blood sugar balance. And if you're alive and seeing your doctor regularly and he gives you that thumbs up-then to me your healthy!

100% healthy doesn't mean without disease or that perfect body that humans have made a portrait of. 100% healthy means that you take care of yourself and are able to maintain that way of life while improving yourself every day to over come hurdles and conquer goals daily to ensure tomorrow your set up for success. Eat a bunch of cupcakes and Drumsticks like I did, then expect to have a miserable tomorrow!

I can go on and on, but the bottom line is YES, you can be 100% healthy!

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No, we can't be completely healthy because we are exposed in our environment that contains different kinds of micro-organism.

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Q: Is it ever possible to be completely healthy?
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