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No, but he has a fiancee, Naheed Simjee.

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Q: Is isaac brock of modest mouse married?
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Who is the singer of Modest Mouse?

Isaac Brock.

Who wrote float on by modest mouse?

Dann Galucci, Eric Judy, Isaac Brock

Who wrote the music for modest mouse float on?

Dann Galucci, Eric Judy, Isaac Brock

What actors and actresses appeared in Dashboard Aka Modest Mouse Dashboard Music Video - 2007?

The cast of Dashboard Aka Modest Mouse Dashboard Music Video - 2007 includes: Isaac Brock as himself Johnny Marr as himself

Who are the members of modest mouse?

Modest Mouse's singer/songwriter/guitarist/banjo player is Isaac Brock, who has been with the band since it's formation in 1993. Their lead guitarist and backup vocalist is Jim Fairchild, who joined the band in 2009, after a brief period playing with them in 2005. Their Bassist is Eric Judy, who has also been with MM since formation. Their drummer is Jeremiah Green, who has been with the band since 1993.

What is the songs meaning modest mouse world at large?

Make the song mean whatever you want it to mean. That is the beautiful thing about Modest Mouse, you can interpret their songs however you want. The way I see the song is that, Isaac Brock (Lead Singer) is just reflecting on his life and how much he dislikes it. Some also link this song with drugs, and issues he had with them.

What movie and television projects has Isaac Brock been in?

Isaac Brock has: Played himself in "The O.C." in 2003. Played himself in "Dashboard Aka Modest Mouse Dashboard Music Video" in 2007. Played himself in "The Heart Is a Drum Machine" in 2009. Performed in "Portlandia" in 2011. Played Alien Leader in "Fly Trapped in a Jar (An Alien Musical)" in 2011.

Why are all modest mouse songs explicit?

not all of them are, but the ones that truly are explicit are that way because apparently issacc brock likes to cuss

Does the song float on by modest mouse have allusions?

No, Isaac Brock said that he had just intended it to be a positive song about how life is still sweet. However he has said in multiple interviews that he thinks people should be able to come up with their own meanings for his songs. So if you want to to have allusions then it does.

What tattoos does Isaac Brock of modest mouse have?

He definitely has a hot air balloon with an anchor at the end on his arm and on his other are near wrist is a devil fork with a halo at the bottom of it. He has a buffalo on his chest over his heart..."my heart's a bitter buffalo."

When was Modest Mouse created?

Modest Mouse was created in 1993.

What bands sound like Modest Mouse?

Modest Mouse is probably on of the most unique bands ever, and their sound is hard to find anywhere else. However, if you enjoy them, some bands I might suggest are Astorian Stigmata, The Shins, Radio head, Bright eyes, REM, they Yeah Yeah yeahs, metric, Cake, the Strokes, and Arcade Fire. Also, Isaac brock had a side band for a short period of time called the Ugly Cassanovas.