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Eh, no, it is the best show in Childrens' Television

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I agree but it good but not the best
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Q: Is iCarly the worst show in history?
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Is iCarly the worst show?

In my opinion, no, and it is the Number 1 show for Childrens' Television

Is iCarly the worst TV show in television history?

Of course not. If it was the worst written, worst acted, worst directed etc etc, it wouldn't have lasted as long as it had.There has been many shows that have fared far worse than iCarley.

Is iCarly the worst show ever made?

i think this is the worst show on tv and yes it is horrid and the plot is dumb and they think they are funny but they are not

Who is the worst character on iCarly?

Any episode without Neville.

Is iCarly a papular show?

Icarly is the most popular tv show on Nickelodeon.

Is iCarly a girl show?

iCarly is a show for anyone. Meaning anyone can watch it.

Why does everyone call Carly Shay iCarly?

Their web show is called iCarly so they call her iCarly because of the show.

Who created iCarly the TV show?

Dan Schneider created the T.V show iCarly.