Is hilda wiesel still alive

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes she is she is Catholic and has Grandchrildren

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Q: Is hilda wiesel still alive
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Is Wiesel still alive?

I believe that Elie Wiesel is still alive

Where is Hilda Wiesel now?

Hilda Wiesel resides in New York City.

Did Wiesel die?

Elie Wiesel is still alive.

Who survived the holocaust and is still alive in 2010?

Elie Wiesel, for example, is still alive in 2010.

Elie Wiesel date of death?

He is still alive.

Did Elie Wiesel die?

Elie Wiesel is still alive.

What is the name of Elie Wiesel older sister?

Elie Wiesel's older sister was named Hilda. She, along with his younger sister Tzipora, died during the Holocaust while the family was in concentration camps.

Are elie wisel sisters still alive?

Elie Wiesel had two older sisters, Hilda and Béa. Hilda survived the Holocaust and passed away in 1997, while Béa passed away in 2013.

What are elie wiesel's sisters name?

They were Tzoporia, Hilda and Beartha

Where is Elie Wiesel today?

Still alive- he lives in New York City

What concentration camp did Hilda and Bea Wiesel go to?

They were sent to Auschwitz along with Elie and the rest of the Wiesel family

Who was Elie Wiesels sisters name?

Elie Wiesel's sisters from oldest to youngest when he was a child are Hilda (Oldest), Bea, and Tzipora (Youngest). Hlida is the oldest sibling followed by Bea, then Elie, and finally Tzipora. Elie Wiesel is the only son in the family.