Is greta a movie

Updated: 8/30/2023
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It is about a rebel type of girl that stays at her grandparents house (i think) and she falls in love with this guy or whatever and turns into a good girl. The main girl is played by Hilary Duff!

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yes "Greta" is a will be playing in theaters.. this summer of 09

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Q: Is greta a movie
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Who played greta's boyfriend in the movie accord ng to greta?

Evan ross

Why does greta have suicidal thoughts in the movie According to Greta?

As a child her father committed suicide in front of his daughter, Greta, and she assumes life only goes down hill from her age on.

Who is the true name of Penelope in the movie odyssey?

Greta Scacchi.

What is Hilary Duff's new movie greta rated?


Was Greta Garbo a screen siren?

yes she was in the movie they watched in the theater

When is Hilary Duff's movie Greta coming out?

some time in 2009

Why did Greta Garbo come to the US?

Greta Gustavsson went to the United States to become a movie star in 1926. This she accomplished under the name Greta Garbo which Mauritz Stiller gave her as a stage name around 1924.

In the movie Grand Hotel Greta Garbo plays what lovelorn character?

A ballerina

Begin the beguine song in modern movie with greta saatchi?

Cole Porter

Who directed the movie According to Greta?

The director of "According to Greta" is Nancy Bardawil. He has made a lot of films (+- 30) and surprisingly doesnt have a wikipedia page. And there is not a lot of information about her.

Who played Anna in 1935 movie Anna Karenina?

Greta Garbo played Anna in the 1935 movie Anna Karenina.

How tall is greta salpeter?

According to IMDb (Internet Movie Database) : Greta is 5' 3" (1.60 m) Reference URL :