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yes, they are first cousins I am interested in purchasing the biography Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney by B H Friedman can anyone help?

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Gloria Vanderbilt was a fashion designer who was born in 1924. Yes, Gloria is related to George Vanderbilt. He was her uncle on her father's side.

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Q: Is gloria vanderbilt related to george vanderbilt?
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How is Gloria vanderbilt related to George Washington vanderbilt?

She is the granddaughter of Cornelius Vanderbilt II, who was the brother of George Washington Vanderbilt. That means George was her great uncle.

Is Gloria Vanderbilt any kin to the qwners of the Biltmore house in AshvilleN.C.?

George Washington Vanderbilt (Biltmore) is the Great Uncle to Gloria. They share a Paternal Grandfather, Cornelius Vanderbilt.

How is Anderson Cooper related to owner of biltmore estate-?

The Biltmore estate was built by George Washington Vanderbilt, who is one of his ancestors.

When was Gloria Vanderbilt born?

Gloria Vanderbilt you could say became famous in 1935 during her parents bitter divorce and custody battle. In 1955 she was in movies. The part of her life that really makes her famous would be in the 1970's when she got into fashion. When you mention Gloria Vanderbilt you immediately associate her with fashion.

Which stores carry the Gloria Vanderbilt clothing line?

The Gloria Vanderbilt clothing line is sold at major department stores such as Macy's and JCPenney. There is a large selection of women's pants by Gloria Vanderbilt available at Kohl's as well.

Has Gloria Vanderbilt had plastic surgery?


Did Gloria vanderbilt die?

Gloria is alive and she is 85. She just had a birthday in Feb.

Who are Anderson Cooper's parents?

Gloria Laura Vanderbilt is an actress, heiress, and socialite most noted as an early developer of designer blue jeans. She is a member of the prominent Vanderbilt family of New York and the mother of CNN's Anderson Cooper.

How much money does Gloria vanderbilt have?

$200 M according to

Did Gloria Vanderbilt siblings care for her?

she doesn't have any

Is Anderson Cooper the son of Gloria Vanderbilt?


Did Gloria Vanderbilt design teddy bears?

short answer; no