Is Forrest Fenn married

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Lisa Schaefer

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Forrest B.Fenn was ,is , and Always will be married 2 Peggy J. Proctor then she said yes and married Forrest Fenn and she became Peggy J Fin

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Q: Is Forrest Fenn married
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Does Forrest Fenn have a sister?

June gay Fenn .Was the name of Forrest Fenn sister

When was Forrest Fenn born?

Forrest Fenn was born on August 22, 1930

When is Forrest Fenn's birthday?

Forrest Fenn was born on August 22, 1930

What is Forrest Fenn's occupation?

Forrest Fenn is a/an Combat pilot,art dealer,author

Did Forrest Fenn die?

Yes, Forrest Fenn died on September 7, 2020

Where is Forrest fenns treasure?

forrest fenn's treasure is in Utah, the brown springs.

What car does Forrest Fenn have?


Where is Forrest Fenn from?

Temple Texas

Where was Forrest Fenn born?

Temple Texas

Does Forrest Fenn have a nickname?

Fri Fenn is 1 of quite a few aliases to say the least

Do you like Forrest Fenn?

Yes.Too say the Least.

Is Forrest Fenn fit?

Very fit 🏄