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Flamenco is Spanish, not African American.

It originated from Andalusia, which is in Southern-Spain.

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Q: Is flamenco a form of African American music?
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Elements which African-American music shares with African Music?

Work music is prevelant. Frequent use of "call and response" form of singing.

What is the most famous form of early African-American Music?

gospel music. negro spirituals.

Was there anything that was started from gypsies?

Flamenco music in Spain started form gypsies.

Jazz became a popular form of music in 1920It grew out of what heritage?

African American

Is popular music in its origin an African form?

Popular music, otherwise known as "pop music: in its origin is in fact not from some form of African form. It can be said that popular music has a string of influences that include jazz and the like, but not African music.

How has flamenco changed from its early form?

They replaced the ritualistic flamenco with a flamingo

Musical form that was influenced by African American traditions?

Actually Blues style of music was born in the USA in the early 1900's. Slavery and racism were its developmental beginning's.

Which country did Flamenco originate from?

Flamenco originated from Spain, specifically in the Andalusian region. It combines music, singing, dance, and passionate expression to create a unique art form that is deeply rooted in Spanish culture and heritage.

How does west African music and dance influenc music today?

It shows that from the simplest form of music, a multigenre culture can be made.

Form of north American folk music played with instruments such as the banjo fiddle and guitar?

old-time is the form of north American folk music

Is jazz American or African American?

Jazz is an American art form created by black Americans.

What is the Puerto Rican culture?

A combination of Native American Taino place names, African slave inspired music and dance and Spanish language and religion. Add the English language, an American form of education and the American monetary system and you have the whole enchilada.