Is emilie de ravin a vegetarian?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Emilie de Ravin has claimed in interviews that she loves all types of sushi, that it's her favorite, which does have meat, so I'm assuming no, she's not a vegetarian.

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Q: Is emilie de ravin a vegetarian?
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What nicknames does Emilie de Ravin go by?

Emilie de Ravin goes by Em.

What is Emilie de Ravin's birthday?

Emilie de Ravin was born on December 27, 1981.

When was Emilie de Ravin born?

Emilie de Ravin was born on December 27, 1981.

Where can you find pictures of Emilie de Ravin?

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How tall is emilie de ravin?

She is 5' 2''.

Are Emilie de Ravin and Robert Pattinson dating now?

Emilie de Ravin was only publicly married to Josh Janowicz. That was from 2002-2009. The rest is only speculation.

What is Emilie de Ravin religion?

Emilie de Ravin has not publicly disclosed her religious beliefs or practices. It is important to respect her privacy in this matter.

Who is Robert Pattinson's co-star in Remember Me?

Emilie de Ravin.

Did Robert Pattinson and emilie de ravin date?

Yes they are dating.

How much is Emilie de Ravin worth?

Emilie de Raven is an Australian actress who has a net worth of $12 million USD.

In the tv show Lost who plays the character Claire?

emilie de ravin

What has Emilie de Ravin been in?

Emilie de Ravin has been in several TV shows and movies including Lost, The Hills Have Eyes, Once Upon a Time, and Roswell. She made her acting debut in TV series BeatMaster.