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hi, the answer is definatly no. im a good freind of david, he is a gentleman and a very funny person. he assures me that elkie (elaine bookbinder) is his cousin.

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Q: Is elkie brooks sister of david bookbinder?
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How old is Elkie Brooks?

Elkie Brooks is 66 years old (birthdate: February 25, 1945).

Who sang Pearls a Singer?

elkie brooks

What instruments did Robert palmer play?

Various biographies list Palmer as belonging to bands Dadda and Mandrakes in the 1960's, as well Vinegar Joe in the late 60's through the early 1970's. Vinegar Joe, which also included Elkie Brooks, recorded briefly for Island Records, Palmer left to pursue a solo career, which officially started with the release of his Sneaking Sally Through The Alley Album in 1974. In 1985, Palmer was invited to join The Power Station, a short lived side project band started by Duran Duran band-mates John & Andy Taylor, also involving bassist and producer Bernard Edwards and drummer Tony Thompson. The original idea for to have a series of different vocalists do different tracks but John Taylor recommended the band give Palmer a try after he asked him to compose lyrics to two musical tracks the band had written, one of them becoming the hit single "Some Like It Hot". Palmer impressed enough that the band asked him to stay on, the album became a US million seller, but he left the group before a scheduled US summer tour to concentrate on the solo album he had been working on. Power Station band-mates Andy Taylor, Edwards, and Thompson all contributed to Palmer's next solo album Riptide, his biggest success in either the US or UK. Palmer remained strictly a solo act save for occassional duets until reuniting with Power Station to record the Living In Fear album, released in 1996. This time he did tour with the band, playing material from both their albums as well as his solo hits. Palmer worked with and toured with Little Feat in the mid 70's but was never a member of the group. They did collaborate on some of Palmer's early solo albums. Palmer also recorded briefly with UB40 in 1990, resulting a UK Top 10 hit single "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" but was never a member of that band.

Is the website which bills itself as the Official Website of Robert Palmer sponsored by the Palmer family?

No, no member of the Palmer family sanctions the website. Mark Palmer, Robert Palmer's younger brother kindly posted a blog to the site, but he does not endorse it in any way. From 2003 to 2006, the Palmer family and friends of Robert Palmer posted a website to honor his life. As they pointed out, it was only to help Robert Palmer fans who were having a hard time getting over his death. They took the site down in 2006. This site is posted by a Brigham Young University graduate who is a webmaster and very young. He is simply a fan of Robert Palmer's and wanted to post the site. He is not, nor has he ever been in contact with any Palmer family member or friend to get any endorsement of his site. A picture was sent to this site by Richard Coble, a former Production Coordinator of Robert Palmer's and a sometimes tour assistant Robert Palmer used while he was on tour from time to time. Also, a former administrative assistant from Island Records sent a couple of blogs to the site, one showing a telex that Robert Palmer sent her and a picture of Robert Palmer and Billy Bob Thornten with a blog attached that seems far fetched. She goes on at length about a double date at the movies with Robert Palmer in 1996 where "she, Harper, Mary and Robert saw Slingblade together. Not true. Robert Palmer was married to Susan Palmer in 1996, and David Harper who was Robert Palmer's manager at the time was married to singer Jo Florian, who was introduced to him by Robert Palmer. This woman was not on a date with David Harper like she stated, and Robert Palmer was not galavanting publicly with Mary Ambrose while married to Susan Palmer. An early article about Vinegar Joe is also posted by Elkie Brooks, who Robert Palmer had not spoken to since the seventies. The reason that this webmaster posted incorrect information in the discography section to certain songs was because Mary Ambrose contacted him to advise him that she was the co-author of several songs that she did not co-write with Robert Palmer. All anyone has to do is look at the albums' liner notes on any of the albums to be mentioned and Mary Ambrose's name will not appear anywhere within. This man gave credit to Mary Ambrose for writing Aeroplane in 1991 with Robert Palmer. Robert Palmer wrote that song alone, which appeared on Don't Explain in 91 and Ridin' High in 92. He also gave her credit for You Can't get Enough of a Good Thing which also appeared on Don't Explain. He gives her credit for Love Takes Time which appeared on 94's Honey and finally he gives her credit for True Love which appears on 99's Rhythm & Blues. Robert Palmer did not even meet Mary Ambrose until late 1995. She co-wrote none of these songs, however, the young man who put up the site wanted a connection to Palmer and got that through Mary Ambrose contacting him. He has been advised that his discography is not correct, but he will not change the information. Unfortunately, several other sites picked up this mans errors and started posting the lyrics and giving Ambrose credit for songs she did not co-write. The fact of the matter is that Robert Palmer wrote Aeroplane and You Can't Get Enough of a Good Thing alone, and he wrote Love Takes Time and True Love with Sharon O'Neill, who is a singer and songwriter from New Zealand. Mary Ambrose attempted to take credit for this woman's work. All in all, the Palmer family and close Palmer confidantes do not not recommend this website as a source of information regarding Robert Palmer. The information contained in large portions of this site are flawed or suspect.

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What is the birth name of Elkie Brooks?

Elkie Brooks's birth name is Elaine Bookbinder.

Was elkie brooks billy j Kramers sister?

No. Billy had 3 sisters, none of which were Elkie Brooks :)

What is Elkie Brooks's birthday?

Elkie Brooks was born on February 25, 1945.

When was Elkie Brooks born?

Elkie Brooks was born on February 25, 1945.

When was The Best of Elkie Brooks created?

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Shooting Star - Elkie Brooks album - was created in 1978.

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