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They used to be related because christian married trish stratus, and edge is christians brother so edge and trish stratus were brother and sisters, but then christian got a devorce with trish so they aren't related anymore. sadly. But Adam Copeland (Edge) still keeps in touch with trish because they live in the same city. infact they date so much, that i think edge will propose to her. that would be heart warming.

Ignore the above answer. The user took WWE's kayfabe storylines as factual.

No they're not related, no they never dated, no Christian never married Trish (they weren't even together, unless you count a scripted WWE storyline). Edge and Trish are good friends though. Trish married her high school boyfriend, Ron, in 2006. Edge, among other WWE Superstars, was there.

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Q: Is edge and trish stratus related?
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