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Doug Johnson of Loverboy is married.

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Q: Is doug Johnson of loverboy married?
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Who is doug Johnson married to?

He's married to Kelly Phleger since 1999.

What are shaun Johnson's parents full names?

doug Johnson and teri Johnson doug Johnson and teri Johnson

Is doug banks still married?

As of June 2014, Doug Banks was still married. Doug is married to Wendy Banks. They met in Chicago and married in 1993.

When was Doug Johnson - American football - born?

Doug Johnson - American football - was born on 1977-10-27.

Is Doug Banks married?

As of June 2014, Doug Banks is happily married. Doug has been married to his wife, Wendy Banks, since 1993.

Who are Shawn Johnson's grandparents?

Doug & Teri Johnson

When did Loverboy end?

Loverboy ended in 1988.

When was Loverboy created?

Loverboy was created in 1980.

When did Doug Flutie get married?

Doug Flutie married Laurie Fortier August 10, 1986.

Who is in Shawn Johnsons family?

Shawn Johnson is the daughter of Doug and Teri Johnson. she has no siblins.

When was Beatsound Loverboy created?

Beatsound Loverboy was created in 2002.

Who is kamala harris married to?

she is married to Doug Emhoff