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No he is not rumors said he was to Alicia hill but nothing prove that he is free but does have children

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Q: Is dj quik married or girlfriend and kids?
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Is dj quik married?


What is DJ Quik's birthday?

DJ Quik was born on January 18, 1970.

When was DJ Quik born?

DJ Quik was born on January 18, 1970.

Is DJ Quik still alive?

Yes, DJ Quik Is Still Alive And Well

What is the birth name of DJ Quik?

DJ Quik's birth name is David Martin Blake.

When was Nobody - DJ Quik song - created?

Nobody - DJ Quik song - was created on 2011-04-19.

How old is DJ Quik?

DJ Quik (David Blake) is 47 years old (birthdate: January 18, 1970).

How tall is dj quik?


What actors and actresses appeared in Fantasy - 2008?

The cast of Fantasy - 2008 includes: Xzibit as Xzibit DJ Quik as Dj quik

Does DJ flex have kids?

i dont dj flex have kids because he looks a little young to get married.

What is dj quik net worth?

2.1 mil.

Who is dj quik dissin on the song get at me?

He was dissin Kam And AMG