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Danny and Olivia split up Just before Christmas as their was rumors about Danny Kissing Laura Coleman who at the time was Miss England, Now Danny and Laura were together but have since split, and Now Danny is Back to being Single.

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They are no longer together

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Q: Is dany Jones still with Olivia shaw?
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How long has Danny Jones from McFly dated Olivia Shaw?

Danny Jones and Olivia Shaw are No Longer together but they were together for almost 2 years.

Has Olivia Shaw forgiven Danny Jones?

Olivia still hangs out with Tom and Dougie and is roomates with Harry's girlfriend Izzy, but there is no proof to wether or not she has forgiven Danny.

Who has met Danny Jones from McFly's girlfriend Olivia Shaw?

No I have never Met Danny Jones from Mcfly's Ex Girlfriend Olivia shaw but I would Have loved to have Met her or even at least see her.

Where did Danny Jones and Olivia Shaw met?

we dont know how Danny Met Olivia we think they met at a Photoshoot

Danny Jones and Olivia Shaw break up?

Danny and Olivia shaw are No Longer together they broke up sometime before Christmas and Danny Is In a realtionship with Alice Spooner.

There are rumors going around about Danny Jones Olivia Shaw and a fan What happened?

Apparently when Danny and Olivia were together they have now split up, Olivia used to give evils to fans If Danny went anywhere near them.

How tall is Shaw Jones?

Shaw Jones is 6' 0".

When was Shaw Jones born?

Shaw Jones was born in Memphis, in Tennessee, USA.

Is Olivia Shaw Danny Jones's girlfriend really as rude as people say she is?

I very Much Doubt that Olivia was as Rude as People said but I have heard that when Danny wanted to talk to any of Mcfly's Fans Oli would stand right next to him and give them Evils.

Is Tommy shaw still with styx?

Yes Tommy Shaw is still with Styx.

What is the birth name of Salena Jones?

Salena Jones's birth name is Joan Elizabeth Shaw.

What is the current address of jobi shaw?

is jobi shaw of Clearwater florida still homeless