Is castle crashers bad

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is castle crashers bad
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When did Castle Crashers happen?

Castle Crashers happened in 2008.

Can you play Castle Crashers on the PSP?

Castle Crashers is not available on the PSP.

When was Castle Crashers created?

Castle Crashers was created on 2008-08-27.

What are games like castle crashers for ds?

Nothing is like Castle Crashers, unfortunately. Hopefully they will come out with Castle Crashers for the ds though, that would be awesome.

Do you play castle crashers online?

Castle Crashers online is playable on the PS3 and XBox

Is castle crashers on GameCube?

No. Castle crashers was released for Xbox 360 and PS3 only.

How do you change the names on castle crashers?

Get a hamburger. Stick it in the 360. Run Castle Crashers. Done.

How do you get level 256 on castle crashers?

Just kill the painter bosses paintings in the castle crashers

When is Castle Crashers coming out for the PS3?

Wikipedia only says 2010 in the related link for castle crashers

Is castle crashers out for ps3?


Can you get castle crashers free on xbox?


Are you supposed to buy Castle Crashers with Microsoft points?

Yes, Castle Crashers is only available to buy with Microsoft Points. If you don't have money for these points, you can try my method for getting some for Castle Crashers. The Link is at the bottom of the page \/