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Carnell is like a brother to B5. I recently heard (from secure sources) that he is B5's cousin. Wether he's Myxx's cousin, I don't know... But he ia adopted by the breeding family i still love him Carnell is indeed the cousin of Dustin, Kelly, Patrick and Bryan. To say that he is the cousin of B5 is not correct because he is as much a part of the family and group as the others. He is the son of Adrian's younger brother Carnell SR. Carnell JR. has been raised by Michael and Adrian Breeding since he was a small child. Although Adrian and Michael have been divorced Adrian continues to raise and treat Carnell as her own son. Carnell has two sisters who are being raised by their grandmother. These two sisters are not MYXX. The two MYXX girls are cousins to B5 and also Carnell JR. The father of MYXX is Adrian's older brother Troy Hunnicutt

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Q: Is carnell hunnicutt breeding b5s real brother or myxxs brother?
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