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ifkimberly is not related to Bradley's brother, she can't be related to bradly!!

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Q: Is bradley Walsh related to kimberly Walsh?
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Is louise Walsh kimberly Walsh is dad?

No they aren't related at all.

Are Louie Walsh and Bradley Walsh brothers?

They are related but not brothers

Is kimberly Walsh from girls aloud related to Lewis Walsh in xfactor?

No shes not

Are Bradley Walsh and Louis Walsh brothers?

Bradley and Louis Walsh are not brothers. Louis has appeared on "The Chase," a game show that Bradley hosts, but not due to family ties.

What religion is kimberly Walsh?

Kimberly Walsh is a Christian-Protestant

Who hosts The Chase?

Bradley Walsh

What is Kimberly Walsh's favorite color?

kimberly Walsh's favourite colour is indigo

What is Bradley Walsh's birthday?

Bradley Walsh was born on June 4, 1960.

When was Bradley Walsh born?

Bradley Walsh was born on June 4, 1960.

Is Bradley Walsh Married?

Yes, Bradley Walsh is married to choreographer Donna, between them they have a son Barney Bradley Walsh Official website

What is Kimberly Walsh's favourite food?


What is the birth name of Brad Kimberly?

Brad Kimberly's birth name is Bradley Eugene Kimberly.