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No. She was killed in a motorcycle accident.

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Q: Is bloody Mary from bangin on wax alive?
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Is C-Rider from Bangin on Wax still alive?

C Rider is DJ Battlecat and yes he is alive

When was Bangin' on Wax created?

Bangin' on Wax was created on 1993-03-09.

What happened to batman whom collaborated in bangin on wax 2 saga continue?

They did not know what happened to him, then he was belived to be dead but redrum said he is alive but in the pen

Is bloodymary from bangin on wax still alive?

No, she's not alive anymore. Bloody Mary a.k.a. Nini X died on November 18, 2006 while riding her motorcycle. She got hit by a drunk driver. As a result she was placed into a braindead state and subsequently her lifesupport was pulled. You can hear a re-written version of the song "Piru Love" that was tributed to her and 2 other bloodgang members who also died. The song is called "Piru Love 3000" and you may find it on YouTube.

Do bloodymary from bangin on wax had any sisters?

Yes, one in Ohio and one in Compton,California.

Which artist from bangin on wax have died?

R.I.P.Lil' Laniak 2, B-Brazy, Peanut 2, Baby Maniak, G-Spider, Tip-Toe, Big Mad-Eyez, Pimp D, Bloody Mary, Lil' Stretch, AWOL, Fo Clips, G-Bone, B.G. Scarface, Big Freeze, Cixx Pac, Koollay.Them g'z passed away.It's old data though, so some more o'them musta been died as well...

What happened to lil stretch Where is Lil stretch from the bangin on wax rap album?

I don't know what happened to him, but if I remember right he's from 5 line bounty hunters watts

How many are dead from the Damu Ridas album?

Lil hawk is the only one in the damu ridas alive as b brazy got gunned down by a mexican gang outside a motel and the others got gunned down by crips. Lil hawk is in jail for being guilty of killing 4 crip members. Others like green eyez, laniak, redrum, big wy ect... from bangin on wax is still alive

What is bone wax made of?

Bone Wax is a sterile mixture of beeswax and isopropyl palmitateIt is used to help control to bleeding from bone surfaces....maybe that is why you never see bloody bones haha. Just for your information.

Is the rapper big freeze from the bangin on wax projects alive?

No man he died. Cant find you the source but its in a youtube video called 'crip Rappers" it says big freeze - died. He is dead. For a list of those who participated in the "Wish you were here" you can visit Big Freeze and others are listed with an "RIP" Next to their names from both Bloods and Crips (cbtdoc2002) ~ Word on the streets is that he got killed by someone from Hacienda Village...

Where is lil leak the rapper from bangin on wax?

he is still in California inglewood crenshaw 109 aves......still in A.P.G he got kids now he grown up his big brother Jermaine aka redrum781 still do music,,,,get at redrums myspace to ask bout lil brother leak....sooo whooop

Is there a movie similar to the movie stay alive?

Cry_wolf , Vacancy , Dead Silence , Fragile , The Hitcher , House Of Wax , See No Evil