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apparantly not quite. The web site to the right says he is "only" 420 pounds. =ANSWER= As of 2006 he was 472 LBS.

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Q: Is big show really 500 pounds?
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How much does the Big Show weigh?

The Big Show weighs 485 pounds currently. He has weighed 500 pounds, 493 pounds, 440 pounds, and 441 pounds.

How much does big show really weigh?

according to the wwe his real weight is 427 pounds

What is the the average weight of a male afrian lion?

390-425 pounds, with really big ones to 500 pounds.

What was the combined weight in pounds when brock lesnar superplexed the big show off the top rope?

At the time Big SHow was around 500 pounds and Brock was around 300 pounds. I do not know their exact weights but I am guessing that the answer is around 800 pounds!

Is the big show really 7ft?

Yes... Big Show is 7 foot 0 inches and weighs 485 pounds.

Did big show really get injured when Kevin Nash power bombed him?

umm yeah.of corse.if you are 500 pounds plus hevey you are bound to get huet.try lifting 5oo pounds.i knew that was going to be a big mistake

How large are African lions?

A really big male can be nine and a half feet long, and weigh nearly 500 pounds.

What weight is big foot?

500 pounds

Who is more heavy big show or big daddy v?

Big Daddy V (formerly Mabel, Viscera) was 43 years old when he died on February 18, 2014. (birthdate February 14, 1971) These names were all used by wrestler Nelson Frazier Jr.

How big was a bale of cotton?

Almost 500 pounds

Who is stronger goldberg or john cena?

goldberg and cena could pick up the big show when he weight 500 pounds. so that's a tough question.

How much does big show wiagh?

In 2007, Big Show was receiving a salary of $1 million dollars. I am not sure how much it has increased since then.