Is bangbus fake

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is bangbus fake
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Who is the girl in bangbus where the hood at?

Her name is Trinity

Who is Rene from Bangbus?

I have searched myself and only found a few tidbits. This is the only thing, porn-wise, she has done. A few reports indicate she is or possibly WAS a teacher down in Florida (where Bangbus is located). Others say she was a wife to a well to do man and she was going to school for something. My guess is she is a horny woman who wanted to walk on the wild side for once.

Where can you get free bangbus passwords?

ive been google searching that answer for a while can find a user account that works if u find one tell me

What does Preston Parker do for bangbus?

He is the current director/cameraman as well as an actor. Or to be blunt he films as he has sex with women in his "bus", or films other actors having sex with women in his "bus". (technically it's a van)

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fake fake fake

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