Is band better than choir

Updated: 8/30/2023
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That is really your opinion. Some may argue that choir is better, well some may argue that band is better. Its almost like the popular question "Coke or Pepsi?" Or, maybe, "which flower is prettier?" beauty is in the eye of the beholder ;Dthat is true what do u thik

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Personally, I think choir. Band gets boring and you have to practice! For choir you don't do anything!

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Q: Is band better than choir
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What is a group of Singers is called?

a band , or a 'group' or a 'choir'. In my book, a 'band' is chiefly instrumental. a tour of singers

What looks better on a collage application band or choir?

Having taught band and choral for many years, I can tell you that they will both carry about equal weight in a college application.

Is there a band better than linkin park?

There is absolutely no band better than Linkin Park

What is a group of singers or player?

A band? A choir? An orchestra?

Is concert band better than symphonic band?

No symphonic band if for the more skilled and overall better musicians

What is group of singers or players?

A band? A choir? An orchestra?

What do you call a group of singers?

It is called a choir or a band

Are the Lee Singers better than the Mormon tabernacle choir?

YES they most certainly are!!!!Without a doubt they are. the lee singers are better

Can you be in band and choir in college?

That depends on the policies in place at your college.

Is guitar hero wt better than rock band?

i personally like Rock Band 2 better

Which band do you like better The Fray or One Republic?

The fray is a much better band than one republic..... one republic is a good band just the fray is better

Why would a shy girl quit activities like the scouts and dancing but stay in others like band choir and golf?

Maybe it is what she wants to do. She probably quit because she didn't like it or wanted to be in band choir and golf more than anything. It's her choice and this is my Opinion. Hope this helps :D