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they arent real.


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Q: Is anyone you know an eyewitness to a vampire attack or sighting?
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Does Bella attack anyone?

Yes she trys to attack edward. She turns into a vampire

Whon is most risk from an vampire attack?

People at risk for a vampire attack are people whose blood smell good to the vampire. Varies for vampire to vampire.

What are Bella's qualities in breaking dawn as a vampire?

he gift is basically she has a shield and if anyone tries to attack her with their power it doesn't work

How do you prevent a vampire attack and what are the warnings?

gettin bitten by a vampire

What actors and actresses appeared in The Vampire Attack - 2010?

The cast of The Vampire Attack - 2010 includes: Spike Jonze as Vampire Max Records as Boy in Cemetery

Why do vampire bats rarley attack humans?

Vampire bats rarely attack humans, because they prefer to get their meal from small sleeping mammals. There are three different species of vampire bats.

Why do victims of a vampire attack get dreams?

vampires are not real

What do you do in the event of a vampire attack?

Run and cry for your mommy.

Can you die if a vampire bat attack a human?

No because a vampire bat cannot consume enough blood in one shot to kill a human. It is possible if there are at least 30 but it is rare! So no it isn't possible to die from one vampire bat attack! Usally vampire bats suck the blood of larger animals such as cows or horses therefore it is very unlikely that a vampire bat will attack a human!

Why do vampire bats and vampire's rarley attack humans?

it's all about survival now 4 us

What is the risk of a vampire atack?

Since vampires are imaginary only, the risk of an ACTUAL vampire attack is zero.

How do vamires attack their victims?

I think you mean vampire. There is no such thing as a vampire - that is a man/woman vampire. There is a species of bat called a vampire bat but it is small and little danger to humans