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Maybe. Sean Kingston may be related to one of the singers of the Kingston Trio. Same style, same name, I'm still searching.

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Q: Is anyone in Sean Kingston's family famous?
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Is kofi Sean kingstons brother and how?

No Sean kingstons brother is angus Kingston

Who is in Sean Kingstons parents?

Sean kingstons lil bro is in his mom. his name is george

What is Sean Kingstons fan mail address?

Sean Kingston website

What is the name of Sean Kingstons wife if he has one?

Sean Kingston does not have a wife.

Who is Rose BL?

Sean kingstons girlfriend

Who were Sean kingstons parents?

it was marideth and Karl Kingston.

What is Sean Kingstons sisters name?

Kunema Anderson.

When is Sean Kingstons birthday?

February 03, 1990

What is Sean Kingstons favourite food?

Chinese food

What is Sean Kingstons newest album?

fire burning Sean Kingstons newest album is called tomorrow! you should listen to it! i'd give it 4 out 5 stars

Did Sean Kingstons parents die and how?

no Sean kingstones parents did not die it would be on channel 2 action news if they did & Sean kingstons would right a song about his parents & be on tv when that would happin okay!

Who is Sean Kingstons mother?

im sure its Sarah Kingston