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No, He is not circumcised. He still has the skin on his penis

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He is uncut.

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Q: Is actor Jimmy Bennett circumcised
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Are Sophie Bennett and Jimmy Bennett related?

No, Sophie Bennett (Canadian actress) and Jimmy Bennett (American actor) are not related.

Are Jimmy Bennett and Jonathan Bennett related?

No, actress Sophie Bennett is not related to actor Jimmy Bennett.

Does jimmy bennet wear boxers?

It is not known if Jimmy Bennett wears boxers or not. Jimmy Bennett is an actor and appeared in Daddy Day Care.

Who are some famous people on facebook?

Justice sibblis- Canadian actor Henri young- actor jimmy bennett-actor

Who is a American actor born in 1996 or1995?

jimmy bennett in the abc show no ordinary family

Is Jimmy bennett openly gay?

No Jimmy Bennett is not.

Who is better Alex Wloff or Jimmy Bennett?

Jimmy Bennett

Who Is Better Alex Wolff Or Jimmy Bennett?

jimmy bennett

Is jimmy bennett the actor single?

yes he is single, he recently dated Bella Thorne but she now has a new boyfriend.

What kind of girls does jimmy bennett like?

Girls who are fun to be around, like rock music, and is a good actor

What is Jimmy Bennett's middle name?

JIMMY BENNETT'S FULL NAME IS : James Michael bennett

When was Jimmy Bennett born?

Jimmy Bennett was born on February 9, 1996.