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Yes She is

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Q: Is aarion m Rhodes lashun pace Rhodes daughter?
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How much did lashun pace rhodes daughter weigh?

291 lbs

What happened to La Shun Pace's daughter?

According to an article in a popular magazine, Xenia Rhodes, 11 years old, daughter of LaShun Pace, died in February of 2001 from an enlarged heart.

Is joe pace related to lashun pace?


Is lashun pace married now?


How old is Lashun Pace sister Latrice Pace?


How old is lashun pace Holmes?


How did Lashun Pace get HIV?

LaShun Pace, an American gospel singer and evangelist does not suffer from HIV. She was diagnosed with cancer and shares her story.

Why did lashun pace husband leave after her daughter died?

i think he couldn't take it, that he lost her, the pressure of it, so don't be so quick to judge, get the facts first, befor you judge Lashun found out that her husband was gay. They were already divorced when Xenia, their 11 year old daughter passed away. Its all in her book.

Who sings the song with the lyrics if i were in control of my life i would have worked things out differently?

Lashun Pace and the name of the song is My Times

How many pace sister are there Who the old down to young pace?

9 sisters from oldest to youngest : Duranice, Phyllis, June, Lashun, Melonda, Dejuii, Leslie, Latrice, and Lydia

Who are the Anointed Pace Sisters?

The anointed pace sisters are the 8 gospel artists : Latrice, Dejuaii, Melonda, June, Leslie, Phyllis, Duranice, and Lydia. Their sister is gospel artist Lashun Pace.

Who sings the song with the lyrics 'oh how precious is the name of Jesus'?

One of the artists that has recorded it is Ricky Dillard featuring Lashun Pace.