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but it is really up and down not straight across. I disagree with that a row is straight across

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Q: Is a row straight across or up and down?
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Does length go up an down or straight across?

Straight across

Is vertical and diagonal the same?

No. Vertical is straight up and down, while diagonal is down and across or up and across.

What is the difference between a row and a column?

A row is arranged horizontally or across, whereas a column is vertical or up and down. In a spreadsheet, a row is a set of single cells beside each other across the spreadsheet. a column is a set of single cells on top of each other up or down the spreadsheet.

How do you pass level 30 of Blox on Moshi Monsters?

Level 30 of Blox - Rows going across: Row 2 Blue arrow - down Row 3 Green arrow - down Row 4 Blue arrow - down Row 5 both Blue arrows - up Row 6 Blue arrow - up, Red Arrow - right Row 7 Blue arrow - down Row 8 Blue arrow - down Row 9 Blue arrow - left Row 10 Blue arrow - right

What is a row in Excel?

A row header are the numbers that run down the page to identify the row of cells that go across the sheet (horizontal cells). Columns are the headings that are at the top of the page and represent the cells that go up and down the sheet (vertical cells).

What do you notice about melting and boiling points as you move across a row?

As you go to the right it increases but when you go up and down the columns it decreases!

What is straight up and down?

a person because were straight and are legs are down and were up because are head is up.

Is length across or down?

it goes up and down not across

How do you solve nine dots puzzle?

| \ | \ / * * * | / \ * * * | / \ * _ * _ * _ \ up the first row of dots from bottom diagonal down to the right across to left diagonal to the right upwards

Do latitude lines go up and down or across?

Latitude lines go -------- (across) And Longitude goes | | | (up & down)

Which way to rows go?


What is the vertical word?

for example a straight line.(is it straight up and down)

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