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Well the first question you need to ask yourself is: what makes something inside and what makes something outside...The actuall building would be outside but the inside of inside...but it depends if you have a built in garage or one that is not attached to your house, one attached to a house would be inside

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Q: Is a garage inside or outside?
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What is the Square foot price to prime a 26x32 garage?

Inside or outside?

Are garage dimensions measured by the inside or outside walls?

Garage dimensions are typically measured by the outside walls, also known as the exterior dimensions. This helps in determining the building's footprint and the space available for parking or storage within the garage.

Why only drywall the inside of a garage?

Hopefully you'd have something a LITTLE more robust on the outside - plywood for instance.

Which sentence is the subject and verb not in agreement the garage is outside the living room is inside or the house is next to the woods?

none of the above

Where the circuit breakers are located?

Circuit breakers are typically located in a centralized electrical panel, which is commonly found in basements, utility rooms, or garages of homes and buildings. The panel is usually a metal box with a hinged door that can be opened to access the circuit breakers inside.

How do you put on 3m tape on a car when it's 32 degrees outside?

Bring the car inside a heated garage and let it warm up.

What is a garage stall?

A parking area for one car inside a garage.

What are the three bottons on the driver side sun visor for?

What make is the vehicle. Most generally they are garage door openers that you can program to do three different functions. Open garage door , open electric gate , turn on inside/outside lights.

What does a grey pigeon on the car hood inside the garage means?

That there is a bird in your garage

What is inside when it is outside and what is outside when it is inside?

A door is a common object that fits this description. When a door is closed, it appears as a solid barrier on the outside but allows entry to the inside. When the door is open, the inside becomes visible from the outside, blurring the distinction between the two spaces.

How do you open your garage door when the remote will not respond?

There should be an override switch inside the garage.

How do you spell inside and outside?

Inside and outside are spelled exactly as written.