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I would say I think it's average I'm 12 and that's what I have and 5.5 inch long penis

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Q: Is a 4 inch girth big for a 12 year old?
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Is a 5.5 inch girth good for a 13 year old?

yes it is good

Is 13Cm girth big for a 15 year old?

Well im 13cm and im 14

Is a 5 inch penis with a 4.5 inch girth good for a 15 year old because my penis has not grew for about 2 years now?

That is perfectly fine.

Is 7.2 inches long and 6 inches in girth big or average for a 15 year old?

A penis that is over seven inches long and six inches in girth is above average for a 15-year-old. For reference, at that age, four to six inches is average in length and four inches is average in girth.

Would a 24 inch bike be to big for a eleven year old?

It depends on the size of the 11-year old!

Is a 6 inch penis big for a 19 year old?

ummm. just a little over, but no big deal!

Is a 4 inch erected penis small for a 12 year old?

No its actually big

Is 6 foot 150 big for a 12 year old?

its 1 inch bigger than mine

Is a 8 inch erected penis big for a 16 year old?

Yes. You should be happy :)

Is a 3 inch penis big or small for a 27 yr old male?

um im 14 and i have a 8.5 inch but everyone different and it small for a 27 year old

Is a 6 inch exented penis big for a 13 year old?

That's the average size for adults!

You are 28years old your penis is ten inch long and two inch girth is it suffient to?

Sufficient to what? Scare most women and upset most guys in the locker room? It's big enough to do whatever you ask of it. You should know that most states require a permit to carry a concealed weapon.