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No, his real name is Paul Levesque

oh i thought it was hunter helms helmsly

oh and PS hhh is the best raw superstar

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Q: Is WWE superstar triple h's real name hunter helmsly?
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On WWE what Triple H's real name?

Hunter Hearst Helmsly

How did Triple H become a WWE superstar?

He didn't. HBK did. Well actually he stole it from some guy who called himself double A. This was in the early days of DX. HHH's name is actually Hunter Hearst-Helmsly.

Who is hunter hearest helmsly?

Hunter Hearst Helmsley is triple h's(HHH) other stage name his real name is paul

When was Hunter Hurst Helmsly born?

Hunter Hearst Helmsley or Triple HReal Name is Paul Michael Levesqueis born July 27, 1969 in Nashua, New Hampshire

What is the real name of WWE super stars?

triple h name is hunterhearst helmsly

Is Triple H's first name Hunter?

hunter is the first part of his stage name.

What is WWE superstar Triple H real name?

His name si Paul Levesque

Is Triple H's name Hunter?

No, his name is Paul Levesque.

What is the real name of WWE superstar Triple H?

His real name is Paul Michael Levesque

What is triple -h original name?

its hunter hearst helmsley

Whats Triple H real name?

Triple H's real name is Hunter Hearst Helmsley and that is why his WWE name is Triple H

What should you name your dog Helmsly or Stirling?

In My Opinion I Would Name My Dog Stirling.