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It is the newest SpongeBob movie that has been released, as far as i know, they are making new ones even as i type this answer. The latest one will come out around June 19 2010 called: Spongebob and the Clash of Triton

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no there has already been newer spongebobs and here is a new one coming out soon

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Q: Is Truth or Square the last SpongeBob episode ever?
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When was the 1st SpongeBob episode made?

The first spongebob episode ever made was made in 1999.

Has a shrimp ever appeared in an episode of Spongebob Squarepants?

No dummy

When is spongebob's favorite day?

The Best Day Ever in the episode of it

Was their an episode if SpongeBob where he killed himself?

No, he never did. I don't think had ever will.

Did SpongeBob ever say what the hell?

No, but he did say what the f**k in episode 127

Has spongebob hypnotised bikini bottom ever?

not yet, but hopefully in a later episode

Who does SpongeBob have a crush on?

That is unkown at the time. BUT on November 7 there will be an episode that slightly shows Spongebob and Sandy getting married. Dont believe me? HERE!I don't know eaxtly but spongbob said he "likes" her .Find out Nov. 7well sadly the never got married it was all sponge bobs delirious imaginationWell, they we're just doing a play. It wasn't his imagination.

What is the worst SpongeBob episode ever?

That is a matter of opinion, and as such, there can be no correct answer. However, I would say that there are a lot of worse cartoons out there; if Spongebob was the worst, it wouldn't have gone on for as long as it has.

Has SpongeBob ever hada girfriend in a show?

Well, if you count the episode where Spongebob treated a Krabby Patty like a real girl, then yes.

Do SpongeBob and sandy ever get married?

In an upcoming TV movie, truth or square, commercial showed spongebob and sandy getting married but its not sure yet if its for real or just a play like in the book, good times dragonpi's answer: YES on youtube.on the legospongebob show ep.7 spongebob and sandy get married and have a baby named is made by spartenkiller897. copy this link : to watch that video.

Does SpongeBob and sandy get married?

Spongebob might get married one day i see how the person before me said that Spongebob got married to Sandy.I have something to say about that,that marriage was just a play so i see how you think Spongebob got married because even i thought it was CRAZY, and i Gasped but no Spongebob did not get married.

What is the name of episode 1 of SpongeBob?

"Bubble Buddy"/The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie .