Is Trent Tomlinson married

Updated: 4/28/2022
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he was married to jessica lowman model from nc in 2008.ive heard they have split up since

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Q: Is Trent Tomlinson married
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When was Trent Tomlinson born?

Trent Tomlinson was born on 1975-07-03.

How old is Trent Tomlinson a country music singer?

he is 33 born July 3rd =)

Who is Trent tomlinson's backup singer first name Colt?

Colt Prather. He is an amazing performer in his own right.

When did ladainian tomlinson get married?

March 21, 2003

Who is Trent novak?

a guy who married another guy>

Why did Louis Tomlinson change his name?

When he was younger, his parents split. His stepfather gave him the Tomlinson last name when he and his mum married.

Who did ladainian tomlinson married to?

his wife's name is latorsha i think

What is the song that goes the sun beam hit the Jim Beam and ricochet off a bottle of coke?

Angels like her, Trent Tomlison

When does the new Trent tomlinson CD come out?

sometime in may. i met him over the weekend and he gave me a copy of the new CD and it is really good!

Was Terence Trent D'Arby ever married?

He is married now to his first wife whom he married about seven years ago

Who are LaDainian Tomlinson's kids?

Yes he does he has one child Daylen Tomlinson born in 2010.

Is Louis Tomlinson engaged to Eleanor Calder?

No. Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder are not engaged. They are only dating.