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He obviously is because he is a singer, all the singers are billionares

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Q: Is Travie mccoy a billionare yet?
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Is that pete wentz in travie mcCoy video billionare?

yes.. :)

Who does the singing in billionare?

Travie McCoy featuring Bruno Mars.

What songs represent the American dream?

Billionare by Travie McCoy

What song has these lyrics i see my name in shining lights?

Billionare by Travie Mccoy

What song is you want to be a billionare?

I believe it is Billionaire by Travie McCoy feat. Bruno Mars

What songs contain the word magazine?

Billionare- Travie McCoy ft. Bruno mars: "forbes magazine"

Who sings billionare and just the way you are?

Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are Travie McCoy ft Bruno Mars - Billionaire

What song is in the newest Chevy runs deep commercial?

Its "Billionare written by Travie Mccoy and Bruno Mars and performed by Chelsea Williams.

Who sings billionare Is it Travis Mcoy or Bruno Mars?

It's Travie's song and Bruno features in it. Thanks! My friend and I were debating that. I just won $10 :)

What nicknames does Travie McCoy go by?

Travie McCoy goes by Travie.

What is the birth name of Travie McCoy?

Travie McCoy's birth name is Travis Lazarus McCoy.

Is the artist who sings billionaire called travis mccoy or travie mccoy because its travie on itunes but travis everywhere else?

His name is Travie McCoy