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No. He is not related to John Wayne in any way, according to John Wayne's son. Says "We've never heard of him".

He claims to be John Wayne's "great nephew". Claims have never been substantiated.

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Q: Is Tommy Morrison John Waynes son?
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What was John Waynes birthday name?

John Wayne was born Marion Robert Morrison but his parents changed his name to Marion Mitchell (in some accounts Michael) Morrison after they decided to name their second son Robert..

Who is Tommy Morrison's father and what was his relationship to John Wayne?

Tommy Morrison (professional boxer) is the nephew of John Wayne. Tommy is the son of John Wayne's younger (and only) brother Robert. Although younger, Robert died several years before his older brother. Tommy was diagnosed with AIDs a few years ago. I hope he is doing all right. Unlikely. That would have made him John Wayne's son's first cousin. John Wayne's son said in an interview that he didn't know whether he and Tommy Morrison were really related in any way or not. I don't know about you, but I know all of my first cousins. John Wayne's family has publicly stated that the late Tommy Morrison was not closely related to John Wayne...he was a distant relative if they were related at all.

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What was John Wayne's real name?

John Wayne was born Marion Robert Morrison but shortly after his birth his parents decided to name their second son Robert so his name was changed to Marion Mitchell Morrison.Maryln Morrison + John WayneJohn Wayne's name was Marion Mitchell Morrison.

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