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Yes, he is married to Alison and has two children.

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Q: Is Tom Petersson of cheap trick married?
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Where does tom petersson from cheap trick live?

Nashville, TN

Why did tom petersson quit cheap trick in 1980?

His ex wife was a bad influence. Best not to mention the name "Dagmar" in his presence.

What movie and television projects has Tom Petersson been in?

Tom Petersson has: Played himself in "Drop Dead Rock" in 1996. Played Bass, Vocals in "Cheap Trick: Live in Australia" in 1997. Played himself in "Cheap Trick: RockWalk Induction" in 1998. Played Himself - Member, Cheap Trick in "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock" in 2000. Played himself in "Cheap Trick: Sgt. Pepper Live" in 2009. Played Bass, Vocals in "Cheap Trick Live in Austin" in 2010. Played himself in "SXSW Flashback 2010" in 2010.

What are the names of the Cheap Trick band members?

Robin Zander - Lead Singer, guitar Rick Nielsen - Lead guitar Tom Petersson - Bass Bun E Carlos - Drums

What actors and actresses appeared in Cheap Trick Live in Austin - 2010?

The cast of Cheap Trick Live in Austin - 2010 includes: Daxx Nielsen as Drums Rick Nielsen as Lead Guitar - Vocals Tom Petersson as Bass, Vocals Robin Zander as Lead Vocals, Guitar

What is Tom Petersson's birthday?

Tom Petersson was born on May 9, 1950.

When was Tom Petersson born?

Tom Petersson was born on May 9, 1950.

How old is Tom Petersson?

Tom Petersson is 61 years old (birthdate: May 9, 1950).

What event do Bobby Dall Tom Petersson and Robin Zander have in common?

They were on a summer tour together.

Who formed cheap trick?

Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson and Bun E. Carlos were in a band together called Fuse. They were looking to change their singer. They found Robin Zander playing for the summer in Door County, Wisconsin. Cheap Trick was formed.

How cheap trick accquired their name?

Rick Nielsen and Tom Petterson were watching a Slade show. The effects included lights, glitter and dancing around the stage. Tom commented that they had glitter everywhere, they must even have glitter in their teeth! They use every cheap trick in the book....and somehow the comment turned into the band's name.

Is Tom Riley married?

Tom Riley is not married. Tom Riley is not married.