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There were but they were all removed except the video because his family and friends didn't want anyone to see him like that.

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Q: Is There Dimebag Darrell Crime Scene Photos?
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Why do police investigators require crime scene photos to be taken?

Police investigators require crime scene photos to be taken because they provide a visual and accurate representation of the initial state of the crime scene. These photos can be used as evidence, aiding investigators in analyzing the scene, identifying potential leads, and reconstructing the sequence of events surrounding the crime. Crime scene photos also serve as a reference for future analysis and can be presented in court as visual evidence.

Where can you find crime scene photos from the Clutter family murders?

Try the below website:

Is there crime scene photos of John Wayne Gacy's victims?

I found a few on the below website:

What are crime scene investigator jobs?

Crime Sceene Investigator jobs involve gathering evidence to bring back to labs for biochemist to examine. They also do the following Fingerprinting Creating footprint impressions Sketching the crime scene Taking detailed photos of the scene Carefully packaging evidence to be taken for DNA or other analysis Good crime scene investigators must be able to carefully follow detailed protocol; if they dont, they could seriously disturb a crime scene and ruin important evidence.

Why are crime scene drawings necessary the investigator?

Because they have to have drwings and photos in the file in case one of the investigators miss something they can look at the drawing and get a directed spot and the crime scene to document the evedents for court to put the criminal away because you don't want to have a criminal ronenig the streets at night or in day light so he cant kill or rape someone else that's why they have to have two things photos and drawings of the crime scene fot the file.

What is the original location of a crime scene?

primary crime scene

What is the difference between crime scene and scene of a crime?


What is the primary crime scene?

The primary crime scene is the place where a crime was first committed.

What is the difference between a crime scene investigator and a detective?

A crime scene investigator analyzes evidence from a crime scene. A detective does show up to the crime scene. They just cant touch evidence.

What do forensic scientist carry to a crime scene?

Crime scene Vehicle along with all essential crime scene Investigation boxes.

What is unknown in a crime scene?

Who committed the crime is usually unknown in a crime scene and has to be proven with evidence.

What is the scene?

The primary crime scene is the place where a crime was first committed.