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There is a Japanese stage production of the show which follows the story quite accurately. It is available on DVD now.

There hasn't been an actual discussion for real about a movie yet but there is a petition you can sign.

It's signed from all members and fans who agree on Susan Kay's novel turned into a movie or mini series.

Personally I think it's a great idea!

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Q: Is Susan Kay's novel Phantom being made into a movie?
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In the Susan Kay novel Phantom what was Erik's father's profession?


Who made The Outsiders?

Novel: S.E. Hinton -Susan Elloise Hinton Movie Directed by: Francis Ford Coppola

When was the Phantom of the opera born?

Susan Kay wrote a book called Phantom in which she wrote a biography of his life. She has him born in Boscherville, France in 1831. His mother's name was Madeleine and his father's name was Charles, but he had died earlier that year. She does not give an actual date of Erik (the Phantom's) birth, but it is sometime after May. This is all, of course, according to Susan Kay's 1991 novel which is profit fanfiction and not the original author's vision, but I happen to love that novel and I believe she describes his life wonderfully!

Who is the antagonist in the novel Phantom of the Opera?

The phantom, Erik, is the antagonist.

Who starred in the movie The Client by John Grisham?

Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones starred in the movie "The Client," based on the novel by John Grisham.

When was Phantom Lady - novel - created?

"Phantom Lady" is actually a crime novel written by William Irish (pseudonym for Cornell Woolrich) and was first published in 1942.

What novel was the phantom of the opera based on?

The Phantom Of the Opera by Gaston Leroux.

Which john updike novel was made into a movie?

John Updike's novel "The Witches of Eastwick" was made into a movie in 1987 starring Jack Nicholson, Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Susan Sarandon.

Who sings the iron maiden in phantom of the opera?

There is no song by Iron Maiden in the musical or movie 'The Phantom Of The Opera', however the band have recorded a track based on the novel, called "Phantom of the Opera" on their first album, 'Iron Maiden' released in 1980.

What was the first Spenser novel with Susan Silverman?

I believe that Susan was introduced in the novel, "God Save the Child".

What are the differences between the 1943 phantom of the opera and the 2004?

The Book is a lot different then the Movie. The movie and the play have scenes switched around from the novel, and the novel has different names for some of the characters. The movie also has different relationships with the characters. For instance, Madame Giry is not the caretaker of Christine Daae in the novel, but a box keeper for the Phantom.There are many differences, but both are very good. :)

The legend phantom of the opear why is it a legend?

The Phantom of the Opéra is not a legend. It is a novel by Gaston Leroux.