Is Stewie an alien

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Of course not! Stewie is a human being, just like the rest of the family ^_^

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Q: Is Stewie an alien
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What episode does Stewie meet older Stewie?

That would be Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story

Is Stewie spelled like this?

Yes Stewie is the correct spelling.

When was Stewie Speer born?

Stewie Speer was born in 1928.

Where does Stewie discover Brian's thoughts of suicide?

Brian tell Stewie the truth when they are stuck in the bank vault in the episode Brian & Stewie

Who is stronger Goku or stewie?

Goku. Stewie wouldn't stand a chance.

What episode does Stewie pull a gun from under his pillow?

Stewie Loves Lois

What is Stewie Dempster's birthday?

Stewie Dempster was born on November 15, 1903.

When was Stewie Dempster born?

Stewie Dempster was born on November 15, 1903.

Who is the real enemy of Stewie in Family Guy?

You know Stewie has alot of enemy..

In which season does Lois Kills Stewie air?

The two parter Stewie Kills Lois / Lois Kills Stewie originally aired in the Sixth Season.

How do you say stewie is in spanish?

On the Spanish-language audio track of Family Guy, they call the baby Stewie, but they kinda pronounce it as if it were written Eh-stewie.

What is the new Stewie Live website?

There's no such thing as a Stewie Live website it appears. Perhaps you should do a search for the keywords Stewie Liveusing your favorite browser.