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I don't think Selena Gomez dad's fiance is pregnant

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Q: Is Selena gomez real dad's fiance pregnant?
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Who is Selena gomez's real mother?

Selena Gomez has ONE mom but TWO dads

Whats selena gomez's real dads name?

Ricoardo Joel Gomez

Who is Selena gomez's mom and stepdad?

Selena Gomez's mom is Mandy Teefy and her step dad is Brian Teefy. Her real dads name is Ricardo Gomez. :)

Is Monica Gomez related to Selena gomez?

monica gomez is selena gomezs auntie because she is her dads sister and they go shopping together monica is a very ugly cow

What parent of Selena Gomez is spanish?

None , her mums Mexican and her dads Italian

What is salena Gomezes dads name?

Selena Gomez is an American singer and actress. The name of her dad is Ricardo Gomez who is of Mexican descent.

What is Selena Gomez's real dad's name?

Ricardo GomezHis name is Ricardo Gomez. He goes by Rick and he is from Grand Prairie Texas

What is selena mom and dads name?

Well it depends on which Selena Selena Quintilla her parents names are Abraham and Marcella. Selena Gomez's are Mandy and Ricardo.

Is Rick Gomez related to Selena Gomez?

Assuming your talking about the singer Cindy Gomez... they are most likely not related. Selena Gomez is an only child. Cindy Gomez born/lives in Toronto and is of Colombian and Belgian descent. Sources: <- Selena's mom

Is selenagomez sexy?

Selena Gomez is a role model and her real name is not Selena Gomez it is mackala mires she is 16 years old her birthday is on march 23 2000 her moms name is Mary mires and her dads name is john mires.

What are the names of Selena gomez family?

Selena Gomez mom is Amanda cornett (aka Mandy cornett) Selena Gomez real dad divorced her mom so her step dads name is brian teefy but Selena Gomez real dads name is ricardo Gomez Selena gomezs step sisters are Sophie and ellie

What is selenas gomezs dads name?

Selena's parents are divorvedHer dad is called Ricardo Gomezher Step Dad is called Brian TeefeySelena Gomez's biological father's name is Ricardo Gomez. her stepfather is Brian Teefy.