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yah, it is

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Q: Is Robert Pattinsons arm double jointed?
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Can you do push up double jointed in the arm?

Yes, you can unless you arm is bringing you pain, which rarely happens. I am double jointed from the shoulders down to my fingers and I find no problem. However, cases can be different so if it hurts, let your parents/guardian know and have them take you to a doctor. They will refer to being double jointed as hyperlaxity or being hypermobile, just to let you know.

What does the term double jointed mean?

Yes, double jointed or hypermobility is when the joint is very flexible or lax. This can occurs in many joints but is most common in fingers and limbs. For example, if one is double jointed in their elbow, when they extend their arm the elbow will appear to be bent the opposite way or curving inward.

How do you know if your double jointed?

If you are double jointed you will be able to touch your thumb to your wrist on the same arm, pull your thumb behind your pointer finger on the same hand, and maybe be able to pull your legs back behind your head. These are just few of the tricks to know you are double jointed

What does a double jointed wrist look like?

Hmm... Well, it's slightly indistinguishable from a normal wrist at a fast glance, or even stare. You can do one out of two things to figure out if your wrist is double jointed. Method 1: The rest of your body. Most likely if your wrist is double jointed, some other body parts are too, such as the fingers and arm. Try bending your fingers far back, but if they start to hurt stop immediately! Also, you can try to touch your thumb to the same wrist. Method 2: There are things you can do to determine if you are double jointed in the wrist. If your wrist starts to hurt badly while doing any of these tricks, stop quickly and rest it. Or, set your arm down, with your elbow on a table. Now, turn your palm to touch the table, leaving your elbow against the table also. My sources? Why, I'm double jointed in approximately 37 joints. 1. Take your wrist and bend it back. Yep. Backwards. If it goes farther then you think it should without pain, congrats. You have joined the millions of amazing, awesome double jointed people.

Is it possible to be double jointed?

yes. i am double jointed in my knees. the most common place to be double jointed is your fingers Double jointed is a condition where one's joints are capable of moving in a wider range of motion than people who are not double jointed. The medical term is hypermobility. The adjective is hypermobile. How much one is hypermobile is determined by measurements of the Beignton Scale. Named for a physician who took the time measure such things. Two examples are how well one can touch their thumb to their arm just below their wrist. Second one is from a standing position placing one's hands palms flat on the floor, without bending knees. The cause depends on what is causing the condition. Some genetic causes include Marfan syndrome, Morquio syndrome ( a type of dwarfism) and Ehler Danlos hypermobility type.

When was Robert's Arm created?

Robert's Arm was created in 1885.

What type of jobs use Aerial lifts?

Aerial lifts resemble a crane with an extendable jointed arm. They are used for jobs in construction and telehandling.

How does having jointed appendages allow for greater mobility?

You can answer this question from your own experience. wrap one arm from hand to the other end with cloth to hold it tightly to a straight stick. Can you move your arm as well as before? Why not?

Where is Robert E. Lees right arm buried?

Lee did not lose an arm, it was Jackson, who was wounded then died at Chancellorsville..There the arm is buried.

What should your arm movement be when you are taking off in triple jump?

I am a college track and feild athlete, specializing in sprints and jumps. Each individual jumper should determine their stlye of jumping. The style will depend on the comfort of the jumper and how well he/she can execute the technique during practice. there are two common techniques for arm use during triple jump: 1. Double-arm action: prefered for faster jumpers who can accumulate more speed as they approach the board. The reason for this is because the double arm motion will slow you down as you prepare to approach the board. 2. Single-arm action: suggested for a slower jumper who can not accumulate as much speed. It will transfer all of the jumpers speed into the first phase of the jump.

What are the characteristics of a Cherry Master machine?

A Cherry master machine is used to reach very high places and has a enclosed boxcage where one stands and a jointed arm that lifts to various heights.

Whom did Robert E Lee refer to as his right arm?

Stonewall Jackson.