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No, he's still single. But I believe he is dating someone exclusively. At least he was late last year.

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Q: Is Peter Cox from Go West married?
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Is peter cox from go west gay?

Peter Cox FROM Go West is not gay. He was married for 20 years to Stacy until their split in 2006 due to her having an affair.

Has Peter Cox of Go West ever been married?

Will he marry

How tall is peter cox from go west?

He is six foot three.!!

What songs has peter cox written for other artists?

Peter Cox has written songs for various artists, including "Can't Fight Fate" by Taylor Dayne and "Primitive Love" by Miami Sound Machine. He has also written songs for his band Go West, such as "Don't Look Down".

Do Peter Cox and Richard Drummie still keep in touch?

Yes they definately do. They are still writing songs (latest album is called 3D) and touring together as Go West regularly in the UK.

Is Richard Drummie from Go West married?


Who wrote king of wishful thinking?

Go West - King Of Wishful Thinking (from the 1990 movie soundtrack for Pretty Woman) Songwriters: Peter Cox; Richard Drummie; Martin Page Recent cover by New Found Glory Info by Your Uncle Dodge

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