Is Paul Bearer Kane's dad

Updated: 8/30/2023
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I'm not sure if it was explained, but the whole Undertaker/Kane story about their parents is only a very long storyline, it didn't happen. I can't even find reliable sorces, that say, they are related. I've found many that say they aren't: brothers, half brothers, step brothers, cousins, or anything else.

The storyline is that paul bearer had an affair with undertakers mum when he was young(this is true i have it on tape it was on raw after Kane debut) ob viously making Kane the younger HALF-BROTHER. when paul betrayed taker 1n 1996 at summslam cos he thought taker was at the end of his road taker became champ at wm13. paul now wanted 2 re join taker. of course taker refused so paul said if he dunt join him he would tell the world takers big secret which of course was the fire and that Kane survived . after Kane debut paul bearer spilled the beans that he boinked takers mum becoming kanes father .(phew that took a while 2 write)

The WWE has acknowledged them as being half-brothers.
their god father is really paul bearer. their half brothers. their parents died of a house fire by undertaker and Kane uncle
It all happend in a funeral... while everyone where "doing what they were supposed to", undertaker(Mark Callaway) and Kane(Glen Jacobs) went and hid somewhere in the funeral house.they had oil in two bottles and undertaker had a match. When their father noticed that they were gone, he went to look for them. When he found them, he started to yell at undertaker(because he was the older brother) that it was his responsibility look after every thing that he and Kane were doing.(by the way, they were both little at that time)The father told Undertaker too go home to do his chores. as undertaker was outside of the funeral walking to his family's house he looked back and saw Kane with the oil.then suddenly, the funeral went into flames!Undertaker rushed home and called the police. when they finally came, it was too late.everyone in the funeral were dead.

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No, his real name is William "Bill" Alvin Moody. It is only storyline. They are not related.

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Q: Is Paul Bearer Kane's dad
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What is in undertakers ern?

The ashes of his Paul Bearer (Kanes dad)

Who is Kanes father?

well last i heard Percy pringle otherwise known as paul bearer is kanes dad I've heard that he isn't and that he is so i hope im right the announcers on WWE always say paul bearer is kanes father but paul bearer isn't under takers father

Who is kanes real father?

paul bearer

Is Paul Bearer Undertakers Father?

No he is not ! In the WWF storyline Paul Bearer was KANES' father . He had an affair with Undertakers' mother after Taker was born . When the Undertaker won the title at WrestleMania 13 against Psycho Sid Paul wanted to rejoin the deadman after he turned his back on him with mankind in the boiler room brawl but Taker was having none of it , so Paul then said if you don't join me I'll reveal your secret which was that Kane was alive and after Kane debuted Paul told the world that he slept with Takers mother and he was KANES' father .but if he is kanes dad and udertaker is kanes brother that means that means that he is.

Who is the undertakers dad?

in wwe they say that his father(and kane's) is paul bearer

How are Kane and undertaker half brothers?

In 1997, Paul Bearer brought Kane to the WWE ( then WWF ) to challenge the Undertaker. It was revealed that he was the Half-Brother of the Undertaker, and later on that Paul Bearer is Kanes father.

Who is kane's dad?

Paul Bearer is supposedly Kane's dad

What is the undertakers Dads name?

it was paul bearer that is why edge kidnaped him to win the world heavy weghit champion and undertaker and Kane are brothers so paul bearer is his father

Is undertakers mom or dad married to Kanes mom or dad?

Yes kanes dad is married to undertakers mom @_@

How are Kane and The Undertaker half brothers?

In 1997, Paul Bearer brought Kane to the WWE ( then WWF ) to challenge the Undertaker. It was revealed that he was the Half-Brother of the Undertaker, and later on that Paul Bearer is Kanes father.

Is Paul bearer undertakers dad?

paul bearer has returned on smackdown he is not his dad. his real name is Percy pringle funny name huh? Percy Pringle is not Taker's dad!!! And by the way Paul Bearer and Percy Pringle are the same person

Who is Big Sean's dad?

Johnson Kanes is it